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Abstract Mar 31

Working-class/Poverty-class Academics conference

Event: 06/14/2012 - 06/16/2012
Abstract: 03/31/2012
Categories: Graduate Conference, Interdisciplinary, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Popular Culture
Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Organization: Working-class/Poverty-class Academics (WCPCA) Group

The Working-class/Poverty-class Academics (WCPCA) Group: 16th Annual International ConferenceConference Theme: “Class Warfare?”

During the past year, we have seen an uprising in the form of protests and demonstrations across the US--and across the globe. In Wisconsin, the "Recall Scott Walker" campaign included protests against policies many found detrimental to employees. The "Occupy Wallstreet" protests have spread across the US. Phrases such as "class warfare" and "the one percenters" saturate the daily news.

As students, faculty, and staff who work often with and live with individuals across the class spectrum, the purpose of this conference is to critically examine issues related to the lived experiences of those of us from working-class and poverty-class backgrounds with regard to how the discussions and definitions of class have (and have not) changed. This may include the following:

1) "coming out" to peers, colleagues and friends as working-class or poverty class;
2) useful contributions that students, faculty, and staff from working-class and poverty-class backgrounds can make to their college communities;
3) effects of institutionalized classism and strategies to remove it;
4) sources of inspiration or strategies to support the choice of an academic career;
5) processes or outcomes of interactions between issues of social class background with race, gender, age, and other diversity areas;
6) perspectives of class and cross-cultural awareness of class.

It is also intended to provide insights into the impacts of social class, how social class affects various aspects of our lives, and the personal and political actions we can take to address social class issues. We are seeking proposals for workshops, media presentations, scholarly papers, and book and roundtable discussions in these areas.

Please email proposals and direct any questions regarding proposals to Lisa Lange at langel@faytechcc.edu

Contact Email: langel@faytechcc.edu