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Spanish Peninsular Literature: 1700 to Present--Triple Session (SAMLA 2012)

Event: 11/09/2012 - 11/11/2012
Abstract: 05/15/2012
Categories: World Literatures, Hispanic & Latino
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Organization: SAMLA

Spanish II-A, B, and C Peninsular Literature Triple Session: 1700 to Present.

Abstracts for sessions A and B will reflect any theme related to Peninsular Literature from 1700 to the present. It is hoped that there will be a wide range of topics from different periods. Abstracts for session C should focus on the 2012 conference theme: “Text as Memoir: Tales of Travel, Immigration, and Exit” (1700 to the present). Please bear in mind the following: This is a triple session with a maximum of four participants per session. It also involves SAMLA business, such as elections.

Papers should not exceed twenty minutes. Readers should limit their texts to 3,100 words. Potential presenters are urged to get one-page abstracts in as early as possible. (Abstracts sent by e-mail are preferred). Presenters must be members of SAMLA in good standing by August 15, 2011. Presenters may read only one paper at the convention. Papers must be unpublished and not previously presented at a professional meeting.

Deadline for abstracts: May 15, 2012.

Please send abstracts to: Yunsuk Chae, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of Media, Culture, and the Arts, School of Arts and Sciences, Macon State College, 100 College Station Dr., Macon, GA 31206.

Other information:

E-mail: yunsuk.chae@maconstate.edu.

See also: http://samla.gsu.edu for more information about the convention.

Contact Email: yunsuk.chae@maconstate.edu