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International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC)-2012

Event: 11/06/2012 - 11/08/2012
Abstract: 10/31/2012
Location: London
Organization: Academy of Business and Retail Management

International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC)
London, UK

Co-hosted by the Academy of Business and Retail Management Research & Journal of Business and Retail Management Research

Wembley Plaza, London, UK

7th - 8th November 2012

Overview of the Conference
The dynamics of international trade have taken on an added significance in the light of the challenges created by the recent global financial crisis. Entire sectors and even nations have begun to reassess their trading relationships and the more enlightened are eager to gain an insight into the theories and processes that have helped certain economies to weather the storm. The emerging giants of Brazil, China and India are demanding greater attention and ensuring that practitioners and academics alike invest more time and resources in understanding where their economies are at and how they will shape future of international trade.

Since the Doha Development Round (Doha Development Agenda - DDA) began in late 2001 the issue of international trade has gained greater prominence. This academic conference is intended to contribute to the emerging theoretical understanding and empirical base and to further advance the understanding and practice of business especially international trade & management. We welcome empirical and theoretical papers which advance our knowledge of these important areas. This conference will be the platform for dissemination of knowledge, provide a learned reference in the field and facilitate communication between academic, research experts, business leaders and practitioners. The following list is indicative of the types of contributions which may be appropriate. However, it is not intended to be exhaustive and rather is illustrative.

Conference Objectives
1. To elucidate an issue that is becoming ever more important as global economies become intertwined.
2. To learn more of the key concepts and frameworks from all disciplines regarding wide range of contemporary issues in business and management.
3. To consider the pedagogy for teaching the issue of business & management, including recommendations about topics, syllabi and course materials.
4. To meet and network with colleagues in the world's most ethnically diverse city.

Subject Coverage
Examples of topics appropriate to the conference include:
The linkage between international trade and overseas aid
International Trade in the context of the current economic climate
Transparency in government procurement
Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
Remittances and their part in trade and export development
The interplay between the G4 and trade round implementation issues
How trade facilitation is conceptualized and made operational in different emerging markets
The role of the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM)
The linkages between global trade and corporate social responsibility
The language and rhetoric of import sensitive products
The role of tariff barriers and agro-subsidies
Management and retail marketing
Business management
Business policies, strategies, and performance
Creativity in Internet management and retailing
Innovation and product development, Business strategies
Marketing management and strategies
Business and retail research
Consumer behaviour, Customer relationship management
Public relations and retail communication
Business policy and decision-making.

Important Dates
Draft Submission Deadline : 30th September 2012
Final Paper Submission Deadline : 21st October 2012
Publication Release : 7th November 2012

Contact Email: rabi@abrmr.com

Website: http://www.abrmr.com/conference_detail.php?id=95