Event Mar 21

Abstract Sep 30

Teaching in Terror (NEMLA 2013)

Event: 03/21/2013 - 03/24/2013
Abstract: 09/30/2012
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Anthropology/Sociology, Pedagogy
Location: Boston, MA
Organization: NEMLA

How do terrifying experiences--shootings, bomb threats as they have ripped across campuses from Oakland, California to Oakland, Pittsburgh in just 2012 alone--force us to reinvent our curriculum, pedagogies, our approaches to students, and our sense of what education entails? How do volatile learning environments reorient the relationship between faculty and each individual terrorized student? And when the siege has passed, what fundamental changes in our teaching remain? As cyber technology (which makes bomb threats--among other violations--faceless and often untraceable) and as relatively more liberal interpretations of the Second Amendment develop in the U.S., college campuses increasingly become potential sites of violence and terror. In this panel, teachers can share their stories and revelations about the impacts of violent and potentially violent experiences on their profession in order to understand the long-term consequences and affordances of teaching in terror. 

Contact Email: mag20@pitt.edu