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Teaching Professional Communication in German (NEMLA 2013)

Event: 03/21/2013 - 03/24/2013
Abstract: 09/30/2012
Categories: German, Pedagogy, Rhetoric & Composition
Location: Boston, MA
Organization: NeMLA

Many American institutions of Higher Education have finally awoken to the fact that contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalized world. Though the US once asserted a sense of world dominance that relied on foreigners learning English, it has begun to realize that we live in a connected world in which knowing how to communicate in multiple languages is crucial. Programs and initiatives to educate ’global citizens’ and, more importantly, to prepare students for the ‘global workplace’ have sprung up all over the country. The global movement of workers means that various programs now must tailor their teaching to acknowledge the needs of the international workplace, including the historical and cultural differences present in international professional communication. What role does German Studies play within this new paradigm? How can classes in professional communication provide learners with the opportunity and competences not only to acquire appropriate language skills but also to reflect on their own point of view and role within a global, interconnected society?

This session invites presentations on best practices for teaching German professional communication to undergraduates. What themes, topics, tasks, texts work well? How can one create authentic tasks using new technologies? What are effective strategies to combine classroom learning and practical experiences? Please send 250 word abstracts to Peter Weise at weisep@mit.edu. Deadline: September 30, 2011

Please include with your abstract: Name and Affiliation Email address Postal address Telephone number A/V requirements (if any; $10 handling fee with registration)

The 2013 NeMLA convention continues the Association's tradition of sharing innovative scholarship in an engaging and generative location. The 44th annual event will be held in historic Boston, Massachusetts, a city known for its national and maritime history, academic facilities and collections, vibrant art, theatre, and food scenes, and blend of architecture. The Convention, located centrally near Boston Commons and the Theatre


Contact Email: weisep@mit.edu

Website: http://nemla.org/convention/2013/cfp_german.html