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Abstract Nov 18

3rd International Conference on Physical Coastal Processes, Management and Engineering

Event: 03/09/2013 - 03/11/2013
Abstract: 11/18/2012
Location: Gran Canaria, Spain
Organization: Wessex Institute of Technology

The unstoppable demand of the coast for recreational and tourism activities has increased the need for shore and beach protection, as well as the construction of artificial beaches, ports and harbours. Most coastlines are subjected to the direct impact of wind waves, swell and storm wave activity. As a result, wind waves and wave driven currents are the dominant mechanisms controlling littoral sand transport and determining the nearshore morphology. In addition, many other physical phenomena, such as tides and associated currents, long waves and storm surges, amongst others, can play a significant role in the dynamic behaviour of the coastal zone.

Due to its great socio-economic importance, the physical aspects of the coastal processes have been of concern for decades, but recent advances in a number of areas, including satellite remote sensing, are giving rise to significant progress in this field. In particular, the use of satellite and imaging systems has significantly enhanced the monitoring and understanding of coastal processes.

Conference Topics
Wave modelling
Hydrodynamic modelling
Effects of climate change in coastal zones
Coastal defences
Energy recovery
Sediment transport and erosion
Pollution and water quality
Planning and beach design
Coastal morphology
Coastal processes and navigation
Coastal processes and GIS
Bio-physical coastal processes
Remote sensing
Systems approach
Coastal zone management
Impact and recovery from tsunamis
Impact of storms and extreme events
Ecosystems modelling
Coastal lagoons
Coastal oceanography
Socio-environmental issues 

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