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Currents in Teaching and Learning (Spring 2013 Issue)

Event: 11/15/2012
Abstract: 11/15/2012
Categories: Pedagogy
Location: Publication
Organization: Currents in Teaching and Learning (Worcester, MA)

Currents in Teaching and Learning

Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 2013

Currents invites submissions for its Spring 2013 issue, including:
Teaching and Program Reports: short reports from different disciplines on classroom practices (2850–5700 words);
Essays: longer research, theoretical, or conceptual articles and explorations of issues and challenges facing teachers today (5700 – 7125 words);
Book and Website Reviews: send inquiries attn: Book Review Editors.

No unsolicited reviews, please.

All submissions must be original, previously unpublished work and, if based in a particular academic discipline, must explicitly consider their relevance and applicability to other disciplines and classroom settings. We welcome both individual and group submissions.

Currents in Teaching and Learning is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that fosters nonspecialist, jargon-free exchanges among reflective teacher-scholars in higher education. Currents is published twice a year and addressed to faculty and graduate students across the disciplines.

Send all inquiries to Editor Josna Rege, at currents@worcester.edu.

For submission guidelines, visit www.worcester.edu/currents.

Currents in Teaching and Learning is a publication of Worcester State University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. ISSN: 1945-3043

Contact Email: currents@worcester.edu

Website: http://www.worcester.edu/Currents/default.aspx