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Business Performance Management (Book Chapters)

Event: 12/31/2012 - 05/31/2013
Abstract: 12/31/2012
Location: Publication
Organization: CENTRUM Cat??lica

Editors: Vincent Charles and Mukesh Kumar, CENTRUM Católica, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú, vcharles@pucp.pe, mkumar@pucp.pe
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (C-S-P), United Kingdom.
International Conference on Business Performance Measurement and Management (ICBPMM) took place in Lima during September 11th to 13th, 2012. The book, entitled “Business Performance Management” is scheduled to be published in July 2013. However, the publication in this volume is not limited to the contributions presented in ICBPMM 2012. We would like to invite other scholars all around the globe to submit an extended abstract, followed by complete paper to be published in the above edited book.
Recommended Topics
The entitled book will include both theoretical as well as the applied research papers on various topic of business performance management including - performance benchmarking, performance measurement, modeling techniques, business process re-engineering, corporate culture, education and training, ethical and environmental issues, intellectual assets management, innovation management, knowledge management, organizational learning, outsourcing, productivity and quality, public sector management, strategic alliances, technological change and impact, and business strategy. Please send the extended abstract to the editors for the immediate feedback on the suitability of your work for the entitled book.
Review Process
Send your paper in electronic MS Word 2003/2007 editable format directly to the editors. Please follow the author’s guidelines while preparing your paper. Your full paper will be first assessed by editors, followed by double-blind review process for unconditional acceptance/conditional acceptance/rejection. Once your paper is finally accepted, it will undergo English language correction and formatting by Language Online Editing to further enhance the quality of the paper.
Important Dates
Extended Abstract Submission: December 31st, 2012
Authors Notifications: As soon as possible
Full Papers Submission: 28st February 2013
Review Report: 31h March 2013
Final Paper Submission: 30th May 2013
Publication Date: July 2013

Authors should write and format their manuscript according to the following guidelines:
- The full physical page size including all margins will be 148mm x 210mm.
- Header: 15mm, Top of main body: 25mm, Bottom: 15mm, Left: 21mm, Right: 21mm, Footer: 0
- Use Times New Roman: 10 pts fonts for the main text and all additional parts except endnotes and index (where you should use 9pts), and chapter headings (where you should use 16pts). All text should be single-spaced.
- Indent the first line of each paragraph by 5mm.
- Use double quotation marks for all cases (including single words) except for quotes within quotes.
- For Figures, it is recommended that you use TIFF files for producing images or photographs.
- For Tables, it is recommended that you use some sort of background color like light grey for the title row or column of a table, and ensure that the text of titles is in bold.
You can visit the following web-link to get the complete information on author’s guidelines:

Contact Email: editor_bpm@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.centrum.pucp.edu.pe