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Anaplastology Journal

Event: 01/02/2013
Abstract: 12/20/2012
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Organization: OMICS Publishing Group

Journal of Anaplastology serves as an open access journal as it gives barrier-free access to the literature for research. It increases convenience, reach and retrieval power. Free online research related articles are available which are beneficial to all the scientists, researchers, students as well as to the normal man who can elaborate their knowledge towards the recent ongoing projects on Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Dermatology, and many other related surgeries. So altogether open access compiles all the research related people who can update their knowledge.

OMICS Group accepts the following:

Original articles, reviews, abstracts, addendum's, announcements, article-commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, calendars, case-reports, corrections, discussions, meeting-reports, news, obituaries, orations, product reviews, hypotheses, and analyses.

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