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Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (Volume 2)

Event: 02/15/2013
Abstract: 02/15/2013
Location: Publication
Organization: Regis University

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal is an online, scholarly, peer-reviewed open access journal  focused on the development, advancement and critique of higher education in the Jesuit tradition. While the Journal calls Regis University its home, it provides opportunities for scholars throughout the United States and abroad who are interested in the great tradition of Jesuit higher education.

The Journal is published online twice each year (Spring and Fall). In addition to peer-reviewed articles and research, the Journal includes professional writings, interviews and best practice reports.  Scholars are encouraged to submit contributions for the Spring 2013 issue by February 15, 2013 directly to the Journal at http://jesuithighereducation.org 

Contact Email: mfriedem@regis.edu

Website: http://jesuithighereducation.org