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Mythmoot IV

Leesburg, VA
Organization: Signum University
Categories: American, Interdisciplinary, British, Genre & Form, Popular Culture, Literary Theory, 20th & 21st Century, 20th & 21st Century, Children's Literature, Comics & Graphic Novels, Narratology, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media
Event Date: 2017-06-01 to 2017-06-04 Abstract Due: 2017-02-28

Call for Papers

Mythgard Institute from Signum University is turning Mythmoot IV into an experience of a secondary world for academics, friends, and fans. Mythmoot will be held from June 1st to 4th, 2017, at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA. This year’s theme is…

Invoking Wonder

Accepting Paper, Panel, Workshop, and Creative Presentation (storytelling, music, visual arts, etc.) Proposals related to:

Imaginative Literature — Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction from Mary Shelley and H.P Lovecraft to Ursula Le Guin and Neil Gaiman.

Tolkien and Inklings Studies — Research on the works and lives of the Inklings as they interact with each other, their modern context, and classic and imaginative literature.

Germanic Philology — Explore relationships between language and literature in the past, present, and future.

Anything Else — Academic research or creative presentations that traverse literature in its wondrous variety.

~ Paper proposals should be approximately 100 words.
Presentations will be under 20 minutes long.

~ Panel proposals must be submitted in one inclusive email, with approximately 100 words describing each paper.
Panels will be presented in 1-hour sessions.

~ Workshop proposals should be approximately 200 words.
Workshops will be allotted 1 hour in total.

~ Creative Presentation proposals should provide a short description (fewer than 200 words) of the presentation.
Creative Presentations should be no longer than 30 minutes.

Proposal Submission

Proposals are accepted through 28 February 2017. Send proposals to events@mythgard.org with a subject line of “Paper Proposal,” “Panel Proposal,” “Workshop Proposal,” or “Creative Presentation Proposal.” Include a brief bio and A/V requirements.

Please Note!

Submission of any proposal is considered agreement by the presenter to attend Mythmoot and deliver the presentation if it is accepted. Presentations of any form will not be delivered in absentia.
Visit http://mythgard.org/events/mythmoot-iv/ for more details!

What is Mythmoot?

Mythmoot combines academic conference, literary creative meet-up, and fan convention all into one. It develops studies in fields not considered primary in literary scholarship such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, gothic, folklore, children’s literature, etc., in a way that academics and enthusiasts will appreciate.



Trevor Brierly