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Men, Masculinities, Gender, Ireland

Carlow College, Carlow, Ireland
Organization: Trinity College/Carlow College
Categories: Gender & Sexuality, Women's Studies
Event Date: 2017-03-07 Abstract Due: 2017-02-10

Men, Masculinities, Gender, Ireland

Like their counterparts elsewhere, Irish men have historically dominated the main spheres of Irish public life – from politics, to business, to law, to sport, to media. Like many other contexts too, analysis of gender in Ireland was seen as a woman’s issue for a long time. It is only recently that critical attention has centred on Irish men as men and how they (re)produce their privileged gendered positions within a patriarchal society. In independent Ireland dominant versions of masculinity were traditionally defined as rural, Catholic, anti-British, and based around marriage, family and breadwinning. Since Ireland’s European membership in the 1970s, socio-economic modernization has altered this masculine configuration somewhat. Nevertheless, any talk of a gender revolution within the home, the workplace and society more broadly has to be seen as partial and ongoing – traditional Irish masculinity may be waning, that is not to say it has disappeared. At the same time, contemporary Ireland does allow for greater expressions of marginalized, subaltern masculinities, expressions that in the past may have been ignored, silenced, or even punished.

This one-day conference seeks to explore both historical and present-day understandings of men and Irish society.

Suggested topics may include but are not restricted to:

Irish masculinity and (un)employment
Irish masculinity and sexuality
Irish masculinity and emigration
Irish masculinity and health
Irish masculinity and sport
Irish masculinity and religion
Irish masculinity and revolutionary violence
Town and Country: Rural, urban, and suburban masculinities
Sorting the Men from the Boys: Irish masculinity over the life-course
Men, marriage, family
Masculinity in Crisis?
Rebel Masculinities: Conflict, Crime, Protest
Representations of Irish men on the screen, the page, the stage
Performing Irish masculinity: Home and away


Please send abstracts to ralphda@tcd.ie by 10th February, 2017. 


David Ralph