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International Meeting of Art and Technology #16.ART Artis intelligentia: IMAGINING THE REAL

Porto - Portugal
Organization: Faculty of Fine Art - University of Porto (FFAUP))
Categories: Digital Humanities, Interdisciplinary, Pedagogy, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2017-10-11 to 2017-10-14 Abstract Due: 2017-05-17

In the urgency of creating a thought directly committed to action, we can bond complexity, uncertainty and chaos or crisis to question, build or predict the unknown.

The International Meeting #ART seeks to enter into an eco-social, politicized and culturally challenging environment on shifting ground, such as today's globalized art that lives with hybrid, migration, misery and excess.

The International Meeting "#16ART: Artis intelligentia: IMAGINING THE REAL", will seek to analyse concepts, such as: territory and culture; Materiality and immateriality; Thought and action.

To confront them with the new notions derived from contemporary thought - from computational means, from collaborative, shared / co-authoring, from interactor / user, system, virtuality, artificiality, simulation, interface, hyper-textuality, ubiquity, and interactivity - to articulate and update the discourses on the area of research and artistic production.

We can affirm that the relations between art, science and technology are contaminating, reconfiguring and transforming the various layers of the art system, provoking in the system a great porosity of means to forms. We see the condition of doing and artistic action, not so much as a way of "solving," but only of complexifying and thereby making society aware of position rather than being conscious and acting on the part of the individual.

The aims and objectives of #16.ART Create an international forum to gather, discuss and exchange the latest academic researches on all fields of Arts, Humanities and Technology. Provide international scientific forum for exchange of new ideas in several multidisciplinary fields of Arts production and education, Technology and Humanities that interact in-depth through discussions with the colleagues from around the world. Both inward research; core areas on technology and artistic practices and outward research; multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary will be covered during the event. Provide the ideal opportunity to bring together professors, artists, researchers, graduate and post-graduate students of different disciplines, discuss new issues, and discover the most recent development in the s Share best practices and promote international partnership and cooperation among lecturers and professionals from all over the world.



Maria Lopes