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Call for articles/chapters on the concept of “Erasure” (collective book) (CFP)

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Call for articles/chapters on the concept of “Erasure”

The concept of Erasure is literally defined as the act of deleting, or removing something. The concept is likely to entail the coexistence of two functional movements of change.  The first is rapid overwhelming change that can be understood as eventual while the second is regarded, or more appropriately, conceptualized as longitudinal gradual metamorphosis or technically “processive”.  Arguably, the concept of erasure can be studied from the classical binary division of process/event. Seen form such perspective, erasure can guarantee a considerable degree of fixedness and permanence. The possibilities of indeterminacy and contingency are lowered down. Hence, erasure is sudden, quick and breathtaking or, simply, progressive, predictable and time-consuming.  Alternatively, erasure can be broached and theorized as continuum of different but interchangeable possibilities of change. Thus, it is a largely nuanced concept. 

Yet, the concept needs ample theoretical and empirical scrutiny so that to render it more adaptable to the field of humanities and social sciences. My research on the concept did not yield considerable output. The concept is virtually absent in the field of humanities. It is under-theorized and under-researched. Bearing this in mind, I suggest editing a book on the various considerations and applications of this concept in humanities, social and cultural studies. Contributors can ponder on the possible relations between erasure and:





-Various theoretical and empirical traditions in the humanities.

This collective book will be published by a known and well-regarded publishing body. The article should not exceed 7000 words. Sixth edition of APA style is required in formatting the papers. Please, send your full articles to Dr. Hassen Zriba, University of Gafsa, Tunisia on: hassen_zriba@yahoo.fr

The submission deadline is 30 July 2018.                                              

The book is anticipated to be published in November, 2018.  


Dr. Hassen Zriba