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Advocating African Translation Studies

Organization: Cameroon Association for Translation Studies (CATRAS)
Categories: Lingustics, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2019-01-31 to 2019-01-31 Abstract Due: 2019-01-31 Abstract Deadline has passed

The significance of translation studies in Africa and for Africa is not recent if one considers the number of published articles, monographs, edited volumes, Master and PhD theses defended over the past decades.There is enough evidence that in our translation and interpretation schools, while emphasis is being laid on professionalization, the strategy used to translate remains the missing link in the discipline.  Moreover, the African corpus which researchers examine proves that Africa still has unexploited resources which could broaden the discourse on translation studies. Developments in literature have given a fresh perspective and broadened the scope of translation studies (Bandia 2001). Nevertheless, despite the growing number of schools, faculties and institutions offering training in translation and interpretation in Africa, very few journals on Translation Studies are exclusively dedicated to carrying out research on translation studies from an African perspective. Therefore the initiative to come up with a Journal For Translation Studies In Africa, whose first issue will be launched in September 2019, is commendable. The growing interest in translation studies in Africa can give a new momentum to perspectives about translation studies if such interest is sustained and demonstrated. Africa can contribute to enhancing the epistemology of this domain, considering the multiplicity of languages and cultures it hosts and thus provide a new impetus.

The fact that translation studies cut across many disciplines raises questions on its nature within these disciplines as they are organized in African academies since Translation studies draw on various disciplines such as linguistics, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, just to name but a few. While translation studies were long considered a sub-branch of applied linguistics, the field of research has gradually asserted itself as an independent scientific discipline by developing its own theories, methods and tools. Cameroon’s Association for Translation Studies’ journal, CRITIC, (Cameroon’s Research in the Interdisciplinary domains of Translation and Interpretation Corner) aims to contribute to bridging the gap existing on the continent with the highest number of languages after Asia. In this light, the journal wishes to dedicate its first issue to translation and interpretation in Africa. Contributions in French, English and Spanish must focus on translation, interpretation and translation studies research concerns in, but not limited to, the following areas:

-        Teaching Translation and Interpretation;

-        Translation History;

-        Audiovisual Translation;

-        Literary Translation;

-        Translaboration;

-        Translation Technology;

-        Intercultural Mediation;

-        Sociology of Translation;

-        Community Interpretation;

-        Professional Interpretation.

Proposed abstracts (300 words maximum) are to be sent along with a bio-bibliographical note by January 31, 2019 to actracatras@gmail.com. Selected articles should be sent by April 30, 2019.