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CHANGES & IDENTITY IN A GLOBALISING WORLD (Process changes in identity in philosophy, sociology, economy etc.)

Morogoro, Tanzania
Organization: Jordan University College
Event: Process changes in identity in philosophy, sociology, economy etc.
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy, Science
Event Date: 2019-05-10 to 2019-05-12 Abstract Due: 2019-01-31 Abstract Deadline has passed





CALL FOR PAPERS – first communicate.

Jordan University College (JUCo), a Constituent College of the Saint Augustin University of Tanzania (SAUT), located in Morogoro Municipality (eastern Tanzania) have a pleasure to invite you to participate in the 1st Jordan International Conference with the main theme: Changes & Identity in a Globalising World. The conference will be held on 10th through 12th May 2019.

1. Introduction:

It can no longer be concealed that culture definitively emerged from the framework of tradition that shaped it for centuries. In front of our eyes, there are changes that will underlie the new identity. What will be this identity? Still local? Global? Another? There is certainly no one in the modern world who would know the answers to the above questions, in the philosophical, theological or economic aspect - to stop at mentioning some of the leading areas of culture. Instigated by the above curiosity, we encourage all those interested in these and similar problems - academics, researchers, professionals, and any other interested stakeholders to submit papers in a cyclical, hopefully, the conference in the following (examples) thematic blocks:

# Changes & Identity in Cultural context;

# Changes & Identity in Philosophical context;

# Changes & Identity in Religious and Theological context;

# Changes & Identity in Economical context;

# Changes & Identity in local community context case study example: Austria, Poland, Tanzania.

2. Scientific committee:

E. Bauer, (Salzburg, Austria).

K. Czernichowski (Lublin, Poland)

F. Gmainer, (Salzburg, Austria).

J. Gorka (Morogoro, Tanzania)

T. Jarosz (Morogoro, Tanzania)

J. Majcherek (Cracow, Poland)

G.Trela (Morogoro, Tanzania)

M. Zichy (Salzburg, Austria).

3. Organizing committee: J. Gorka, G. Trela (Morogoro, Tanzania).


I. Paper submission regulation:

1. Abstract not exceeding 250 words typed in MS-Word format (Times New Roman, font size 12, Single space, Margins: Top 3cm/ Bottom 2,5cm/ Left 3cm/ Right 2,5cm) with a title, name of author(s) and affiliations, should reach the Conference Organising Committee via an e-mail attachment conference@juco.ac.tz by 31th January 2019.

2. The Conference Organising Committee will review the abstracts submitted and notification for acceptance or rejection will be sent to the authors within 14 days after the deadline above.

3. Full papers in MS-Word format, font size 12, should be submitted through an e-mail attachment - conference@juco.ac.tz - stated in above latest by 30th April 2019.

4. The duration for oral presentation of the selected papers will be 40 minutes.

5. The best papers will be blindly peer-reviewed for publication after the conference.

II. Conference fee:

1. The oorganizerswant to facilitate the participation at the International Jordan Conference by a differentiated fee-system with various possible reductions. The basic fee is 60 USD (or equivalent in TZS).

2. Payment must be received by 31th March 2019 if you intend to present a paper; otherwise, the deadline for payment is 30th April 2019.

3. Reductions:

The fees can be reduced, on the application,

-                to 40 USD (or equivalent in TZS) for academician from development country[1],

-                to 20 USD (or equivalent in TZS) for academician from development country without paper or students with paper,

-                to 10 USD (or equivalent in TZS) for every student out of Jordan University College.

4. Conference fees can be reimbursed only until 05th May 2019; a handling charge will be deducted. In the case of the non-acceptance of submitted papers, the conference fees are fully reimbursable.

5. Payment of the conference fee (expect students without paper) covers receipt of the program, participation in all scientific events as well as the informal gathering on Friday evening (incl. a snack and a drink). Not comprised are consumption at the cafeteria and internet connections. The papers of the conference can be purchased at the conference office.

6. Payment may be made in an equivalent amount in Tanzanian shillings. The participants will have to pay the registration fee through Jordan University College account at CRDB Bank number: 015 027 752 7900 and keep pay-in-slip that will be used to obtain a receipt during registration.

[1] According to Union Nation criteria.



Grzegorz Trela