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The AI Conference San Jose

San Jose, CA
Organization: O'Reilly Media
Categories: Science
Event Date: 2019-09-09 to 2019-09-12 Abstract Due: 2019-02-26

For the first time the Artificial Intelligence Conference heads to San Jose, CA September 9–12, 2019. We’ll gather to explore the most essential and intriguing topics in intelligence engineering and applied AI. The program will cover the latest developments in tools, algorithms, and architectures, applications such as finance, media and advertising, and robotics, novel interfaces like bots, plus much more. 

Are you a developer, engineer, designer, or product manager leveraging AI to build your company’s next great product or service? Or are you an executive, entrepreneur, or innovator faced with making difficult strategic decisions to navigate the impact of AI on your organization? If so, come share your experience with us on stage to help build community and your own profile within it. 

We’re looking for compelling case studies, technical sessions, tear-downs of both successful and failed AI projects, technical and organizational best practices, and more. Got a lot to share? If a 40 minute talk isn’t enough, then consider proposing a 3-hour tutorial to dive even deeper. See below for a list of suggested topics, but feel free to recommend others because we always love to be surprised. See our tips on how to submit a great proposal. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm PT February 26, 2019

Proposals will be considered in two categories: Technical and Non-technical. You’ll be asked to choose one of these categories when you submit your proposal. 

Technical (for practitioners such as developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI engineers, and AI researchers)

  • Models and methods 
  • Interacting with AI 
  • Implementing AI 

Non-technical (for executives and strategic decision-makers with responsibilities in technology, marketing, finance, research and development, and general management) 

  • Case studies 
  • Executive briefing 
  • Impact of AI on business and society 
  • Culture and organization 
  • Privacy, ethics, and compliance 



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