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masterclass [kunstwerk] krastal - sculpture in the contemporary context and the stone as medium - session °2 - the Idea

Einode bei Villach, Austria
Organization: [kunstwerk] krastal
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2019-09-03 to 2019-09-17 Abstract Due: 2019-09-03

concept and direction:

Attila Rath Geber


in collaboration with

Bernd Gutmannsbauer



03.09 - 17.09.2019

this interval is extensible with a residence



[kunstwerk] krastal

9541 Einöde bei Villach



communication languages: English, German, French.




The master class aims to stimulate the conceptualization and development of a project and give support to the realization within the framework of a theoretical and practical work in form of individual and group tutorials.

- The theoretical work accentuates the deployment of the conceptual aspects of the sculpture, the possibilities and material and immaterial limits of it, by bringing an analysis on the perception of sculpture in the present-day context, as well as a study of the context. We are looking for comparative references, theses and anti-theses formulated in other contemporary disciplines as well.

- Approach to a substance by an internalized experience: the stone has specific properties, which, like any matter, music, language, provide a framework, an organic, internal logic of expression. This property of stone is particularly characterized by the experience of the elaboration. The masterclass will deepen this experience possible.

- Depending on your intentions, you will have the opportunity to bring a project to practical realization, benefiting from the disposition of a workshop, equipment, a personalized guide and all the advantages of the neighborhood of a marble quarry and stone processing company. Depending on the volume of your project and the necessary time of completing, the interval of the master class is extensible to a studio-residence.



The masterclass krastal has the objective to provide a research platform on the actual questions of sculpture. At the beginning of the masterclass, we are focusing on theoretical questions in form of open conferences, discussions. This theoretical work will be maintained for the whole period of the masterclass in favor to support the conceptualization of a project, as well, participants could turn theory to concrete experience or dedicate their attention dominantly to a concept as it corresponds better to their individual vision.


The area we intend to explore at the 2019 edition is the concept of Idea – the mental and tangible form, the idea and the creative act, abstraction and concreteness, conceptualization and representation might be the main subjects of the conversations.


Detailed program and a reading list for voluntary preparation will be sent to you in advance of the masterclass.




The master class is open for a wide variety of participants regardless of age or field of experience.

It mainly addresses:

- artists and sculptors who are interested in exploring the issues of sculpture in the context of contemporary art and are in search of new axes in the expression or eventually in the possibilities of new techniques, technologies.

- artists of other art disciplines, who research and want to transpose its experience into a new medium, that is little known or unknown to them.

- theoreticians, philosophers, curators, art writers, critics, scientists…

- young artists and art students with some experience in sculpture and / or stone work, and those who are not experienced but have a strong orientation and affinity to improve their knowledge in the field of sculpture – in its wide sense as well as in use of stone.


It is expected that participants have a certain level of experience in an artistic field but not necessarily in sculpture or stone sculpture.

The master class is also open for young artisans of stone, stonemasons who want to improve themselves in the field of art.


Number of participants limited to 9;

National, European, international scale.



- by email introducing you by means of your previous works and a note of intent. It is not necessary to send a large file; choose some works according to your preferences, that you think represent you the best. You can also present an artistic research, a project that you are developing or want to develop. Applications can be sent to: masterclass.krastal@gmail.com



The selection will be made according to the correspondence to the mentioned criteria, the quality and the open aspects of the presented works, and the orientation of the candidates with preference to specific, distinct, or even atypical works in order to constitute a heterogeneous group.

There is no deadline; applications will be accepted continuously, after reception and study of the files and within the limits of available places. The result of application will be sent by email.


participation fee:

The participation fee of the masterclass is 530 Euros.

Students and young artists who do not have sufficient resources can be benefited a reduction of fees to 380 Euros (by filing a demand with proof)

The fee includes access to the master class, accommodation at the Bildhauerhaus (the sculptors' house) of [kunstwerk] krastal (small rooms with 2-3 beds, common areas, kitchen, bathrooms etc.) and the use of an open-air workshop with equipment.

The participation fee is to be paid after the acceptation of the application.




Attila Rath Geber is a sculptor based in Marseille, France. He continues an international activity mainly in the field of environmental, contextual sculpture, and large-scale realizations. In his works, he employs predominantly stone and developed a singular technique for the elaboration of this medium.



Bernd Gutmannsbauer is a post-doc researcher of philosophy of technology and epistemology, a freelance author in the field of arts, music and culture, founder of a Vienna-based philosophical reading-circle and a passionate musician and composer.


[kunstwerk] krastal is an independent, non-governmental organization. A place of creation, exchange and diffusion located near Villach and Ossiacher See in the south of Austria. Founded in 1967 and maintained by an alliance of artists from different disciplines, architects and theorists.



Attila Rath Geber