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Innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Factory

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The rise of new digital industrial technology, popularly known as Industry 4.0, is focused to integrate industrial processes with full-scale process automation thus reshaping the future of industrial revolution. Industrial IoT provides leverage and reality of IoT in the context of industrial transformation. According to Industry ARC research June 2016, the industrial IoT market is estimated to reach $123.89 Billion by 2021. As quoted by Morgan Stanely, “The factory floor is getting upgraded with new sensors, connectivity and big data that are designed to revolutionize automation”. As sensors spread across almost every industry, the Internet of Things is going to trigger a massive influx of big data. We delve into an era where Industrial IoT will have the biggest impact and what it means for the future of industrial revolution. Industrial IoT is changing the face of industry by completely redefining the way stakeholders, enterprises and machines connect and interact with each other in the industrial digital eco system. Smart and connected factories in which all the machinery transmits real-time data, enables industrial data analytics for improving operational efficiency, productivity, and industrial processes thus creating new business opportunities, asset utilization and connected services. Industrial IoT leads factories to step out of legacy environments and arcane processes towards open digital industrial eco systems.

 This book offers industry, researchers and government agencies the recent advancements in Industry Digitization and Automation. 
The objectives of the book include: 
• Development of models and algorithms for predictive control of industrial operations. 
• Methods for collection, management, retrieval and analysis of industrial data. 
• Insights to taxonomy of challenges, issues and research directions in smart factory applications. 
• Focus on optimization of industrial operational efficiency, rationalization, automation and maintenance.

Recommended Topics
• Industrial IoT (IIoT) 4.0 
• Industry Digitization and Automation 
• Smart Factories for Smart Future 
• Challenges to IIoT Adoption 
• Open Digital Eco Systems for IIoT 
• Industrial IoT Platforms 
• Models for Predictive Control of Industrial Control Processes 
• Smart Factory Applications 
• Human-Machine Interface 
• Machine-based Analytics for IIoT 
• Autonomous Manufacturing 
• Manufacturing Equipment Monitoring 
• Predictive Maintenance 
• Asset Tracking and Smart Logistics 
• Industry Safety and Management 
• Edge Analytics for IIoT 
• Fog Computing for IIoT

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Important Dates:

Proposals Submission Deadline: August 29, 2019
Full Chapters Submission: Oct 28, 2019
Revised Chapter submission: Jan 23, 2020
Final Acceptance Notification: Feb 06, 2020
Final Chapter submission: Mar 19, 2020.