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Junctures of Italian Cinema and Contemporary Philosophy (51st Annual NeMLA Convention)

Organization: NeMLA
Event: 51st Annual NeMLA Convention
Categories: Comparative, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Philosophy
Event Date: 2020-03-05 to 2020-03-08 Abstract Due: 2019-09-30

Italian cinema is a rich ground for philosophical ideas. As new trends develop in Italian philosophy, Italian cinema is being deployed in new ways to help express those trends. For example, Timothy Campbell in The Techne of Giving: Cinema and the Generous Form of Life considers new ways of thinking about generosity in order to subvert the institutions of biopower. He draws heavily on Italian neorealism to help argue for his point. Elena Pulcini in Invidia: la passione triste revaluates the value of jealousy for understanding how social relationships can be developed. She draws heavily on film to illustrate different levels of jealousy. Beyond Italian philosophy, however, there are many other examples of ways philosophers use Italian cinema to develop their positions. This panel will give an opportunity to those working in contemporary Italian philosophy to discuss how cinema helps develop their position. At the same time, the panel hopes to go the other way and allow those interested in theory to use new ideas from a variety of traditions to reinterpret Italian cinema. The panel hopes to be a cross-disciplinary discussion of cinema studies, Italian studies, comparative literature and philosophy. There are always many interesting papers on Italian cinema at the conference. This session will try to build on that by offering a theoretically oriented panel to discuss Italian cinema.



Alexander Bertland