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Teaching Writing Online

Boston, MA
Organization: Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
Categories: Pedagogy, Rhetoric & Composition
Event Date: 2020-03-05 to 2020-03-08 Abstract Due: 2019-09-30

Although we increasingly offer online writing support, and teach parts of, or entire composition courses online, discussions of expository writing remain primarily focused on traditional first-year courses.  Distance education in rhetoric and composition, conducted either as blended learning or solely online and to diverse populations, presents its own set of complications.  This proposal for a roundtable seeks 8-minute presentations on the realities, potentials, expectations and limitations of teaching composition and rhetoric online.  How does online teaching of composition replicate or magnify challenges in distance education: creating a student-centered approach in course design, forming a scholarly community with a reliance on meaningful peer review, and establishing a credible teacherly presence?  How should older, nontraditional students who require writing support in online Masters programs, and who populate Executive Masters Programs, alter our methodologies?  What alternate forms of communication from or between our students should we encourage?  What innovative solutions bridge the technological gaps between instructor expertise and student knowledge?   How might we move beyond the traditional conception of expository writing courses or the perspective that composition is a “service” course?  Proposals may address these and other questions about the practice, politics or theories of online expository writing.  

Please submit 150-200-word abstracts no later than September 30th through the NeMLA portal at



N, Nezam-Mafi