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LinuxDay Pisa 2019 (Linux Day https://www.linuxday.it/2019/)

Organization: Gruppo utenti Linux Pisa
Event: Linux Day https://www.linuxday.it/2019/
Categories: Digital Humanities, Philosophy, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2019-10-26 Abstract Due: 2019-10-05

Linux Day 2019 in Pisa
Pisa - 26 October 2019
Call for Paper
The Call for Papers is open for the 2019 edition of LinuxDay in Pisa.
Linux Day is a national event that aims to promote and disseminate free software and, more generally: the use of open systems, freely usable data and standard protocols in the field of new technologies.

The speeches will take place on Saturday 26 October 2019 .

Interventions are planned to be distributed over several tracks:

traditional talk (30 minutes): this is an intervention in which the Relator (or Speakers) talk extensively about the chosen topic and answer the questions of those present.
talk flash (16 minutes): it is instead a shorter intervention and consists of a concise and dazzling presentation of a topic. Flash talkers offer "tastings" of applications, achievements, concepts and leave the joy of deepening to the listener.

For interventions it is possible to use the support of a video projector to show transparencies or demonstrations of applications, achievements and concepts.

The choice of content for the interventions is free as long as it is relevant to the spirit and purpose of the event. Furthermore, the Speakers are also asked, as far as possible, not to use non-free programs during their intervention.

Although this does not constitute an a priori criterion of inclusion or exclusion, in the choice it will generally tend to prefer interventions related to topics not covered in the last Pisan editions of the event or in any case in the life of the GULP association.

What we ask the Speakers
The Speakers will have to send to the Linux Users - Pisa Group (at consiglieri@gulp.linux.it with the subject Proposal LD2019 ), no later than October 5, 2019 , an e-mail with their presentation and description of the proposed intervention.

Furthermore, they must indicate the type of presentation ("flash" or "traditional") and the level of difficulty (beginner, advanced). For the seminars, spaces equipped with video projector and Internet connection are available.

To collect information in a homogeneous way, please follow the data collection form below.

Supervisor data collection form
First name:
Website: (if any)
E-mail: (possible, only if you want to make it public)
Speaker Presentation: (short presentation max 800 characters)
Talk Title: (max 80 characters)
Duration: (16 min. ("Flash") / 30 min ("traditional"))
Difficulty: ("beginner" / "advanced")
Abstract: (short description max 800 characters)
Material: (slides, etc.)

The Speakers are also required to send the organizers materials related to the interventions (abstracts, slides, software, online resources etc) by 10 November 2019. All the software presented during the event must have a free license (recognized FSF) or open source ( OH YEAH). The articles must have a license that allows their free publication and use and allow the generation of derivatives. Examples of accepted licenses are CC-BY-SA (Attribution - Share Alike) and GFDL.

The final list of accepted interventions and the agenda will be communicated to the interested parties.

Further information
For further information and clarifications the speakers can contact the Linux Day organizers privately at consiglieri@gulp.linux.it . However, the Speakers who wish to do so can also publicly discuss and ask for opinions on their proposals on the public mailing list of the GULP gulp@gulp.linux.it, while remaining the organizers of the Linux Day the faculty to accept or not the proposals formulated.



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