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Building and Maintaining Adult Learning Advantage

Categories: Pedagogy
Event Date: 2020-04-03 to 2020-04-03 Abstract Due: 2019-10-11

Building adult learner advantage is generally considered a “net good” for both individuals and society. Many endeavors in teaching and learning strive to increase learner capabilities, resilience, and knowledge / skills, through access to learning resources, information-sharing, experiential learning, repeated test-taking, pre-learning modules (for more formal learning sequence preparedness), tutoring, and other approaches. This edited work explores a range of methods for building adult learning advantage in various contexts based on formal, informal, and nonformal learning contexts.

The objectives of this proposed text are the following:

• Introduce new strategies and tactics for creating adult learner advantage
• Capture methods used to create and maintain adult learner advantage in a variety of learning contexts
• Capture creative uses of technologies to create and maintain adult learner advantage
• Define various dimensionalities of learning advantage in adult learners



Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew