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CALL FOR PAPERS inForma #13 'Urban Disruptors'

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Organization: School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico
Categories: Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2019-11-01 to 2019-11-01 Abstract Due: 2019-11-01

CALL FOR PAPERS informa #13

'Urban Disruptors'

inForma is the peer-reviewed journal of the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture. Initially conceived as a professional architecture magazine from 2001-2015, since its 11th issue it has been reformatted as an academic publication. The journal publishes commissioned and peer-reviewed articles about architecture, urbanism, and spatial theory. 

The upcoming issue of inForma, ‘Urban Disruptors’, will act as a forum of critical explorations between the city and those who shape, mould, partake, and affect it. These may be: spaces, constructions, nature, paths, people, animals, behaviors, potholes, among others—disruptive forces sometimes unseen or overlooked. Notably, ‘Urban Disruptors’ also wishes to contemplate the role of marginalized agents—of others—within our built environments, inserting them within architectural discourse. We wish to bring both significant as well as seemingly trivial narratives, events, manifestations, or moments to the forefront of the issue, to counterpose how these disruptors relate to the routine of daily life in our cities. Issue 13—which centers on notions of disarray, interference, disturbance, interruption and disorder—gives a privileged position to the disruptors themselves within urban-based discussions, proposing them as the very agents and events which boldly challenge and resist the status quo. 

We are inviting research paper submissions (4k-8k words), short essays (under 4k words), architectural projects, and visual essays that explore urban settings and relate—but are not limited —to the following themes:

Democracy and Expression
Aesthetics and the Bizarre
Identity and Citizenship
Ethnicity and Belonging
Queerness and Otherness
Regulations and Policing
Spectacle and the Mundane
Chaos and Order
Forces of Nature

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019


To submit, send full paper to Dr. Regner Ramos, Editor-in-Chief of informa: in.forma@upr.edu

Submission Guidelines: http://revistas. upr.edu/index.php/informa/ about

Instagram Announcements: @informa.upr



Regner Ramos Ramirez