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Big Issues in Science

Organization: Museum of the Scientist & University of Gothenburg
Categories: Science
Event Date: 2021-09-15 Abstract Due: 2021-05-07

Big Issues in Science 2021


The Big Issues conference seeks to bring together persons from across the globe to discuss three topics that are of relevance to scientists regardless of background, geographical location, or field of enquiry. These issues: Sustainable Science, Open Science, and Mental Health, are increasingly pressing, and we aim to provide a forum to discuss their nature and potential solutions to the problems they pose.  

The conference will be made up of three one-day sessions taking place in September 2021. The conference is entirely digital, with much of the material pre-recorded to allow for enhanced accessibility. A full outline of the objectives and topics encompassed by the conference can be found on the website:



Sustainability in Science (Wednesday September 15th)  focuses on the impact scientific work has on the environment. Plastic waste, energy use, fieldwork – they all have a significant impact. This session will focus on changes that can mitigate the negative impacts of science on the environment. These may be small shifts in everyday practice, or through the establishment of larger, institution-wide changes in policy.  

Open Science (Wednesday September 22nd)  concerns the ways in which scientists today share knowledge and expertise. Whether this is through open access publication, non-standard publication strategies, software sharing, online data archives, or something else, open science promises to change the way research is done. This session will consider both the practical ways in which science may become more open, along with theoretical, ethical, and methodological issues that may arise.  

Mental Health (Wednesday September 29th) has increasingly been recognised as a significant issue facing many persons working in or adjacent to the sciences. Financial, professional, and personal stressors lead to an increased incidence in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and low self esteem. This session will examine the origins of the problem, its global spread, the ways in which scientists can support themselves, and  how individuals, teams, and institutions can lend support to others in need. 

 Submission Instructions

Deadline: Friday 7th of May 2021 Midnight (GMT)  

We are looking for abstract submissions for:

  • Short Talks (20mins)
  • Lightning Talks (5mins)
  • Roundtable Chairs
  • Digital Posters

Full instructions regarding the submission process can be found on the website:


We highly encourage submissions from underrepresented voices, and actively welcome submissions from students and early career researchers. Please contact us if you  have any questions.