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Call for Chapters: Book - Applications of Nature-Inspired Computing in Renewable Energy Systems

Organization: IGI Global
Categories: Environmental Studies, Science, Engineering
Event Date: 2021-06-21 Abstract Due: 2021-05-21

The goal of this book is to attract the latest research works on nature-inspired computing approaches applied to the design and development of renewable energy systems. It focuses on nature-inspired computing approaches which are the most prevailing solutions. Therefore, the book provides new solutions to the renewable energy domain.

Design and analysis of renewable energy systems and facilities using nature-inspired computing. Nature-inspired computing techniques of interest include, but are not limited to: - Genetic algorithms. - Particle swarm optimization. - Differential evolution. - Cuckoo algorithms. - Artificial bee colony. - Ant colony optimization. - Bat algorithm. - Firefly algorithm. - Grey wolf optimizer. - Stochastic fractal search. - Artificial neural network. - Brain. - Hybrid techniques.

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Mohamed Arezki Mellal