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The Concept of Technodiversity (2022 NeMLA Conference)

Baltimore, MD
Organization: Northeast Modern Language Association
Event: 2022 NeMLA Conference
Categories: Postcolonial, Digital Humanities, Hispanic & Latino, Comparative, Interdisciplinary, Lingustics, Popular Culture, Literary Theory, World Literatures, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy, African & African Diasporas, Asian & Asian Diasporas, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle East, Native American, Scandinavian, Pacific Literature, Science, Engineering, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2022-03-10 to 2022-03-13 Abstract Due: 2021-09-30

Is another relation to technology possible? The concept of technodiversity proposed by the contemporary Chinese philosopher Yuk Hui seeks to answer this very question by a call to arms, asking subaltern thought “to unfold the concept of technics in its plurality, and to act as an antidote to the modernization program by reopening a truly global history of the world” (The Question Concerning Technology in China, p. 7). As the technological enframing of nature as natural resources and people as laboring bodies accelerates with the onslaught of global capitalism, Hui maintains that postcolonial, ecocritical, and anti-capitalist thought must contend with the question of technology that have hitherto been too-often neglected. This involves archaeologies of thought that try to recover suppressed conceptions of technology that underly multiple possible relations between human beings and the world around them. Resonating with recent developments in media theory, Hui insists that technodiversity in its broadest sense is nothing less than the diversity of our relations to the cosmos: cosmotechnics.

This panel takes up these generative concepts to engage with the multiplicity of technological experiences across historical and geographical spans. Working across languages, periods, and disciplines, this panel tries to understand how technology, instead of being antagonistic or merely instrumental to the pursuits and values we hold dear as humanists, can be understood (or more importantly, have always been understood) as their constitutive means. Topics may include: moral cosmologies and rituals as cultural technics; subaltern appropriations of modern technologies; conceptions of techniques and tools in non-Western aesthetic theories. Scholarship in media archaeology, philosophy of technology, science fiction studies and related fields, especially those making use of premodern or non-Western sources, are welcome.

This panel for the 2022 Northeast Modern Language Association conference considers the diversity of technological experience in literature, media, and philosophy. Scholarship in media archaeology, philosophy of technology, science fiction studies, and related fields, especially those making use of premodern or non-Western sources, are welcome. 

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