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Breaking Down Barriers: Open Educational Resources in the L2 Classroom (NeMLA)

Baltimore, MA
Event: NeMLA
Categories: Pedagogy
Event Date: 2022-03-10 to 2022-03-13 Abstract Due: 2021-09-30

With the increased cost of textbooks and a market that can never quite meet the individual needs of a given campus community, many universities are encouraging the use or development of open educational resources as a means of increasing access and promoting equity and inclusion across the curriculum. These materials are either in the public domain or licensed by their creators to be repurposed by other users, and more and more universities are beginning to incentivize their faculty to create such resources for their courses, whether they be a collection and adaptation of already existing materials or the creation of a wholly original text. This roundtable aims to both look at examples of these types of resources as well as to discuss their long-term impact, benefits, drawbacks and questions. Submissions may include, but are not limited to: descriptions of open educational resource projects either in use or in progress, experiments using open educational resources in the classroom, and research on theory and practice of OERs. For consideration, please submit an abstract through the NeMLA portal by September 30, 2021.


Melina Masterson