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The Nature of Things: Ecology, Philosophy, and Poetics (NeMLA 2023) (54th NeMLA Convention)

Niagara Falls, NY
Organization: NeMLA
Event: 54th NeMLA Convention
Categories: Postcolonial, American, Hispanic & Latino, Comparative, Interdisciplinary, British, German, Genre & Form, Popular Culture, Literary Theory, World Literatures, African-American, Colonial, Revolution & Early National, Transcendentalists, 1865-1914, 20th & 21st Century, Medieval, Early Modern & Renaissance, Long 18th Century, Romantics, Victorian, 20th & 21st Century, Adventure & Travel Writing, Children's Literature, Comics & Graphic Novels, Drama, Narratology, Poetry, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy, African & African Diasporas, Asian & Asian Diasporas, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle East, Native American, Scandinavian, Pacific Literature, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2023-03-23 Abstract Due: 2022-09-30

What does it mean to write and think about nature? Do language, thought, and mimesis ultimately have the capacity to impact (and possibly cultivate) our natural environments, and do these environments in turn have the capacity to impact (and possibly cultivate) our words and ideas? Taking such questions as a starting point, this panel aims to explore how the relationship between the human community and the environment has occupied a central space within literature and thought across various epochs and epistemological arenas.

Rather than operating as a “framework” for potential contributions, this intentionally broad series of themes and questions is instead intended as an invitation into an interdisciplinary conversation that might go in a number of directions. As such, the panel hopes to address issues and themes of critical urgency within our current moment of environmental crisis, but to do so by way of timeless topics, writers, and texts. Proposals (of roughly 300 words, accompanied by a short vita) from all cultural and literary traditions are welcome, and the final composition of the panel will strive for balance in this respect. Possible topics could include, but are by no means limited to, areas of inquiry such as:

o New interpretive approaches to nature writing, nature poetry, or eco-poetics more generally;

o The role of the natural environment as an object of philosophical and/or phenomenological study;

o Interventions in past and/or ongoing ecocritical debates;

o Considerations of the relationship between literary, artistic, philosophical, or scientific modes of representing the natural world.


Please submit abstracts and vitae on the NeMLA website via the following link: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/CFP



Alexander Sorenson