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Reframing the Archive Symposium 2022

Organization: Archivo - Photography and Visual Culture Research Platform
Categories: Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2022-11-19 Abstract Due: 2022-10-15


Reframing the Archive Symposium 2022

The Reframing the Archive International Symposium is Archivo Platform's closing event of the year, and the final activity developed through collaboration with the current group of research associates of the Platform. The present edition of Reframing the Archive connects with the second volume of Archivo Papers Journal, entitled "Shaping Times: Photography and the Artistic Construction of the Contemporary", and aims to further explore the subject by opening the work developed by our Archivo Research Network to a symposium with new contributors who are interested in presenting their research and practice. In this context, it brings together researchers and artists to discuss how photography and other time-based media contribute towards the perception of time and the construction of the contemporary.


Pictures between instant and duration

The invention of photography has forever changed the relationship between photography and time. Such relationship is, however, far more complex than the chronological perception of past, present and future, and one has come to realise that time can be perceived in images through other qualities such as movement, narrative, metaphor, memory, repetition, processuality and performativity, to name just a few possibilities. By exploring time outside the physical chronological conventions it is thus possible to explore with a symbolic temporal dimension in which subjectivity is at play. The subjective expectation and the experiencing of time therefore enable to reflect on the temporality of the unspeakable, or to perceive the instant time as an immeasurable present or an untimely time. Moreover, the transformation of photography from the analogue to digital medium has introduced other layers of complexity concerning our relationship with time. The idea that photography holds a mortiferous power and relates to notions of immobility, fatality and death has turned into the idea of motion, speed and excess. Considering the technical age we live in, the relationship between images and time is no longer possible to be analysed through simple and stable definitions. For instance, theorist Zygmunt Bauman stressed that we live in liquid times, in which our existence is shaped through an endemic state of uncertainty.
Aiming to explore the contemporary relations between photography and time, through an interdisciplinary approach from those with a background in history and theory of photography, cultural and art history, anthropology, philosophy, curating and visual practice, or any other discipline that engages in the thinking of photography, the symposium welcomes proposals for 15-minute presentations in two possible formats:

a) papers connected to academic research,

b) presentation of practice based or artistic projects (finished or in progress), including performative displays that deal with issues of the timely and untimely nature of photography in ways similar to those described above.

Focusing in contemporary artistic production, potential topics include but are not limited to the following:
- Critical and contemporary approaches to photography's ontological links with time
- Time in a post-photographic era
- Photography, time and capitalist modes of production
- Visual arts and fragile temporal ecologies
- Photography, time and memory
- Photography, History and the heterogeneous temporal perception
- The archive and database as time-machines
- Time, place, identity, and memory construction

More info & proposal submission: https://www.archivoplatform.com/reframing2022



Ana C. Pinho