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CIMCiH - International Conference of Hispanic Women Filmmakers

Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) and Online
Organization: Clark University
Categories: Digital Humanities, Hispanic & Latino, Comparative, Gender & Sexuality, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas, Mediterranean
Event Date: 2023-10-20 to 2023-10-21 Abstract Due: 2023-06-15

The second edition of CIMCiH, entitled "Chronographies", is as an invitation to reflect on the power of time in front of and behind the camera. Do women filmmakers prefer stories of characters subject to the tyranny of the clock, or do they favor the story of entities released by their relative interpretation of the passing hours? Indeed, we see how the understanding of time as a subjective element allows the filmmakers and their characters, if they wish, to operate in a context emancipated from the real constraints of the ephemeral.

Time behind the screen, however, responds to dynamics of a diverse nature: protocols of production are often impacted by demands that have little to do with creative processes. In film, is time friend or foe? To what extent is gender capable of subverting the rules of the temporal? Through the camera lens, can the Ars longa, vita brevis be glimpsed?


Topics include (but are not limited to):


·       Filmic time vs. real-life time

·       Lifetimes on the screen: childhood, adulthood, and old age

·       The time behind the camera: timelines for production 

·       A moment in History: women filmmakers from Cinema’s beginnings to the 21st century

·       History in film

·       How many times? A reflection on remakes

·       Short movies and feature Movies

·       Trailers, or the power of a minute

·       Time and space

·       Time and plot

·       Time and genre

·       Time and gender

·       Time and revolution

·       Time and narrative techniques

·       Time in film: chaos or order?

·       Eternity within reach: the life of a film

·       ?The metaphor of clocks

·       Chronophobia

·       The time of U.S. Latinas and film

·       Hispanic women filmmakers around the world

·       Pedagogical experiences: teaching films by Hispanic women filmmakers

·       Creative processes: teams behind and in front of the camera

·       Women in film production and distribution

·       Interactions/ Filmic collaborations across the Hispanic world

·       Hispanic women filmmakers in other languages



Sumbissions and more information: https://www.cimcih.com/