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XV International Symposium «The Musical Creation in the Soundtrack»

Organization: University of Valladolid
Categories: Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2023-11-23 to 2023-11-25 Abstract Due: 2023-05-15

The disciplinary development of studies on music and audiovisual languages has had a regular academic meeting point at the International Symposium “The musical creation in the soundtrack”, which reaches its XV edition in 2023.

In recent years, a line of research has been consolidated from the perspective of Ethnomusicology, popular music and oral tradition, with verifiable results through audiovisual productions of documentary and anthropological value. On the other hand, the Spanish film industry has registered a growing recognition of its productions in short story format, which has been the starting point in the careers of filmmakers later consolidated on the national and international scene. For these reasons, based on what has already been established in previous years, our will is to contribute to this shared effort of preserving the vitality of this interdisciplinary domain by expanding its focus of interest. Therefore, in 2023 it is proposed to open the field of action of the symposium to documentaries and short films, perhaps less considered, but equally attractive for musicology.

The International Symposium “The musical creation in the soundtrack” – “Expanding margins: short film and documentary” invites scholars from musicology, ethnomusicology, anthropology and audiovisual studies to submit proposals addressing some of the following indicative topics:

Short films and soundtrack.
Documentaries and soundtrack.
Audiovisual language and music industry.
Analytical methodologies of audiovisual genres.
Film music in Spain.
Music and Internet.
Music and audiovisual language in music education.
Music and audiovisual publicity.
Music and television: programs and series.
Music and video clip.
Music and video games.
Music production and consumption in digital environment.

The submission of proposals (20 minutes of exposition and 10 minutes of debate) will be sent through the platform of the already specified web page. It is necessary to make a free registration indicating name, surname and a contact email. Once registered, those interested can send their proposal by completing the web form.

Proposal Languages: English and Spanish.



Carlos Gutiérrez Cajaraville