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Women on stage | From the backstage to the to limelight. Women in theatre until the 19th century

Lisbon, Portugal
Organization: Centre for Theatre Studies
Categories: Women's Studies
Event Date: 2024-03-13 to 2024-03-15 Abstract Due: 2023-10-10

Since its origin, the History of Theatre has been built by male names. However, it is unthinkable that women have not also had an important role in this construction. Besides existing as characters, their contributions as performers, playwrights, composers, entrepreneurs, patrons, scenographers or costume designers, among a broad range of other functions, were fundamental to the development of the theatrical practice. This conference aims to recover the place of women in theatre since its origin until the 19th century, covering a wide variety of topics, which have women at their centre, either as the focus of a show or as marginal, as star or tertiary figure, as part of the audience or as producer of the cultural object.

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive and transdisciplinary debate in order to rediscover the place of women in theatre in a global and historical approach.
The conference is open to submissions within the following topics, without excluding other approaches:

Female characters in dramaturgy
The recognition of the profession of actress
Infamy and female theatre workers
The space reserved for women in theatre (constraints and prohibitions)
Male and female transvestism on stage
Legislation on women in theatre
Female dramaturgy
Women in the theatre: audience, stage and backstage
Female theatrical iconography – caricatures, photographs, drawings
Portraits/biographies of women who changed or contributed to the theatrical panorama of their time



The proposals must include:
– Title
– Author and institutional affiliation
– Abstract (200-300 words)
– 3-5 keywords
– Bio note (100-150 words)

Proposals must be sent to mulheresempalco@gmail.com

10 September 2023


The conference languages are Portuguese and English.
The conference will be held in person.
The papers should be between 15 to 20 minutes in length.
The conference room is equipped with a computer and a sound and video projector.



Marta Rosa