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Global Economy, International Business and Russia in New Geopolitical Conditions

620144, Russia, Ekaterinburg, the 8th of March Str, 62
Organization: The Ural State University of Economics
Categories: Graduate Conference, Interdisciplinary
Event Date: 2015-04-23 to 2015-04-23 Abstract Due: 2015-04-22


The Ural State University of Economics (Russia) and partners announce

International Scientific Conference

Global Economy, International Business and Russia in New Geopolitical Conditions

Please send an application until April 22, 2015 if you would like take part in the Conference

Content Order of Application
Information about the authors
Title page
Main body of paper
For articles in Russian - English translation of the title page and the list of sources
For Russian participants - scan-copy of the fee payment document
You can send an application with the help of the online registration form or via e-mail at usueconf@mail.ru

Submission Guidelines
A participant is allowed to be included as an author or co-author on a maximum of two submissions only. Only articles in English or Russian language are accepted. Students' publications are allowed only if scientific supervisor is the co-author of the paper.
Submitted manuscripts must be between 10 and 20 thousand symbols including spaces. The paper must be submitted as Microsoft Word files
You are kindly asked to see the exact guidelines in the letter of call for papers at the bottom of the page.


Conference Goals

• Science-based assessment of the consequences of globalization and trade wars for the countries of Western Europe, Asia, Latin America, other regions of the World and global economy as a whole
• Scientific justification for the qualitative impact of protectionism and WTO agreements, on the other hand, on sectoral and geographical structure of international trade, import and export volumes, the scale of foreign capital flows, growth rates of the GDP of the major economies and large economic integration projects worldwide

Author Guidelines

• Articles in English or Russian language are accepted. Detailed guidelines are available at the conference website
• All papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with the ISBN. Selected articles will be published in the scientific magazines
• No fee is charged for publications of authors from outside Russia. Publications without conference attendance are accepted
• Please submit your paper before the deadline online at http://conference.usue.ru/en/registration or via e-mail at usueconf@mail.ru

Conference Tracks

Track I
International Business in the Changing Business Environment
1. Urgent Issues of Management and Marketing in the New Business Conditions
2. International Investment Cooperation in the New Geopolitical Conditions
3. Concepts, Forms and Practice of Organizing and Stimulating the Innovative Development
4. International Cooperation and other forms of developing small, middle and large enterprises: new models

Track II
Global Economy in the New Geopolitical Conditions
1. Contemporary Problems of Global Economy and Ways to Solve Them
2. Development of International Trade under Sanctions: Protectionism and Liberalization
3. Global Markets of Raw Materials Prospects
4. Changes in the Role of Particular Countries and Regions of the World in the Global Economy at the Current Stage
5. Long-term Development Forecasting for the Global Economy, Integration Associations and National Economies; Cycles of Crises and Times of Stable Growth

Track III
State and Super-National Regulation of Economy, Social and Economic Processes Management: Dealing with the Challenges of Contemporary Global Development
1. Role of the International Economic Organizations in the Processes of Global Economy Development and Overcoming the Crisis Phenomena
2. Countries’ Experience in Anti-Crisis Economy Management
3. Implementation of Roadmaps and other Complex Arrangements of Increasing the Competitiveness of National Economy
4. Russian Economic Growth, Realization of Anti-Crisis Plan of the Federal Government and Measures Implemented by Regional Authorities



Andrey Drevalev