Event Oct 02

Abstract Apr 29

8th Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine Congress

Event: 10/02/2017 - 10/04/2017
Abstract: 04/29/2017
Location: Toronto, Canada
Organization: Conference Series LLC

Call For Papers: Including but not limited to:

Main Sessions:

Animal Health
Veterinary Medicine
One Health
Animal Welfare
Animals in Research
Veterinary Specialties
Veterinary Internal Medicine
Animal Diseases
Animal Health, Food Safety and Food Security
Animal Biotechnology
Veterinary Oncology
Veterinary Practice Management

Sub Categories:

World Animal Health
Animal Welfare
Prevention and Control of Animal Diseases
Animal Nutrition
Animal Feeding
Animal Sheltering and Hygiene
Problems of Animal Health in Tropics

Animal Pharmaceuticals
Large Animal Medicine
Food Animal Medicine
Companion Animal Medicine
Small Animal Medicine
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Zoological Medicine

Human, Animal and Environment Health
Comparative/Translational Medicine
Zoonotic Diseases
Control, Prevention and Elimination of Zoonotic Diseases
Veterinary Public Health
Antimicrobial Resistance

Animal Welfare and Animal Care
Applied Animal Welfare
Animal Rights
Humane Slaughter
Cruelty to Animals
Animal testing
Veterinary Forensics
Animal Transportation

In vivo Testing
Alternatives to Animal Testing
Applied Research
Toxicology Testing
The Three Rs: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement
Animal Euthanasia

Diagnostic Imaging
Preventive Medicine
Internal Medicine
Emergency and Critical Care
Anatomy and Physiology

Veterinary epidemiology
Veterinary urology
Veterinary nephrology
Veterinary infectious diseases
Veterinary hepatology
Veterinary immunology
Veterinary hematology
Veterinary pharmacology
Veterinary gastroenterology
Veterinary endocrinology
Veterinary theriogenology
Veterinary nutrition
Veterinary neurology
Veterinary cardiology
Veterinary oncology
Veterinary respiratory diseases

Large Animal diseases
Small and Companion Animal Diseases
Vector-Borne Animal Diseases
Soil-Borne Animal Diseases
Contact Animal Diseases

Food Emergency
Food Testing
Food Contamination
Global Food Security and Food Saftey
Innovative Research and Technologies
Food Animal Production
Animal Agriculture

Animal Biotechnology Recent Advances
Applications of Animal Biotechnology
Transgenic Animal Production
Animal Cloning
Animal Biotechnology and Ethics

Interventional Radiology/Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Diagnostic Imaging Advances
Immunohistochemistry for Diagnosis and Prognostication

Avian Practice
Equine Practice
Canine/Feline Practice
Exotic Companion Mammal Practice
Dairy Practice
Food Animal Practice
Swine Health Management
Veterinary Technology
Veterinary Economics

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