Event Jun 03

Abstract Apr 30

MSiA Women of Color Seminar

Event: 06/03/2017
Abstract: 04/30/2017
Categories: Gender & Sexuality, Interdisciplinary, Cultural Studies, Women's Studies
Location: 325 Hudson St., 5th Fl. New York, NY 10013
Organization: SUNY Empire State College

The multifaceted ways in which race, gender, faith, sexual orientation, and national identity influence cultures in the United States necessitates understanding how various social groups in this country conceptualize and utilize these identities. In order to raise consciousness and build cross-cultural alliances among women, it is important to construct platforms that allow for cultural relevance and dialogue.
Dominant white perspectives when addressing women’s issues often overshadow the experiences and perspectives of Women of Color. Women of Color have distinct experiences based on numerous social intersections that need to be addressed when considering how gender affects their placement in the society. Unfortunately, many of the spaces produced by women to investigate their social experiences ignore the role of intersectionality.

The purpose of the Women of Color Seminar is to provide a space for Women of Color to be able to appreciate and articulate their unique perspectives.

Our objectives include:
1. Explore intersections of gender, race, religion, dis/ability, national identity, age, and class and their impact on social issues.
2. Afford participants a space to learn about and appreciate specific ways that social intersections may influence women’s experiences.
3. Provide participants opportunities to articulate their perspectives regarding gender and social issues like racism and women, health and wellbeing, finance, justice and law enforcement, as well as representations of the bodies of Women of Color.
4. Generate prospective lines of solidarity and potential allies.

MSiA is accepting proposals for interactive presentations and workshops that will engage the audience and provide clear takeaways in the following areas:

• Leadership
• Social Protest Activism
• Resistance Movements
• Community Organizing
• Allyship across Social Intersections
• Healing Emotional Traumas Stemming from Oppressions
• Identity and Intersections of Race and Gender
• Cultural Appreciation

All proposals must include the following information:
• A description of no more than 500 words for the session as a whole
• A 50-word synopsis of the session to be included in the print program upon acceptance
• A complete mailing address, email address, phone number, and institutional affiliation for each participant

Email proposal submissions to layla.abdullahpoulos@esc.edu. Submissions should be in a Microsoft Word document.

For general questions regarding the Women of Color Seminar, email msia4students@gmail.com.


Contact Email: layla.abdullahpoulos@esc.edu

Website: https://escwocsymposium.wordpress.com/