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Abstract Sep 01

Melville & Whitman in Washington: The Civil War Years & After

Event: 06/17/2013 - 06/20/2013
Abstract: 09/01/2012
Categories: American
Location: Washington, DC
Organization: Melville Society; Washington Friends of Walt Whitman

Our Ninth International Melville Conference, coinciding with a major year of the Civil War sesquicentennial observances, focuses on the Washington-area War experiences of Melville and Whitman, seen largely through their poetry, private writings, and time spent in the capital area—although all scholarly topics will be considered, including approaches to teaching, digitizing, and recontextualizing the authors and their milieu.

We anticipate a wide range of scholarly presentations, teaching roundtables, several plenary addresses, digital demonstrations, and events around Washington, DC. We are interested in paper and panel topics that include (but are not limited to) the following areas of interest:

*Single or joint critical/teaching approaches to the authors and their work

*Washington, DC, and/or the Civil War in their work: North and South; Unionism; battles; key events of 1863 (e.g., New York Draft Riots, the Gettysburg Address and Emancipation Proclamation, Massachusetts 54th)

*Pre- and Post-Civil War Writings

*Digital Scholarship, Archiving, and Scholarly Editing

*New Media, Transmedia, Adaptation, and Artistic (Re)Interpretation

*(Trans)Nationalism, Gender, Slavery, Race, and/or Politics

*The homosocial, the homosexual, and/or the homoerotic in their work and the war

*Relationships with Douglass, Alcott, Jacobs, and other authors involved in the war

*Comparisons with Civil War writings of Dickinson, Lowell, Whittier, and other poets

*Views of Lincoln, Grant, or other political figures


Send all questions and proposals to hmwwdc2013@gmail.com by September 1, 2012.

Conference Committee

Christopher Sten (George Washington University)

Tyler Hoffman (Rutgers-Camden)

Joseph Fruscione (Georgetown; George Washington University)

Martin Murray (Washington Friends of Walt Whitman)

Contact Email: josephk@email.gwu.edu

Website: http://melvillesociety.org/en/conferences-and-events/internatl-melville-conference