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The Body in a Global World

Event: 03/10/2012
Abstract: 03/10/2012
Categories: Comparative, Gender & Sexuality, Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Women's Studies, World Literatures, Postcolonial
Location: Publication
Organization: Connecticut College

The editor of a new volume tentatively entitled The Body In a Global World, invites chapter proposals of original work of up to 500 words. The volume will consist of multi-disciplinary, historical and comparative reflections on the body in a global world. The submission deadline for proposals is March 10, 2012. The editor invites scholars to think of the various ideals and practices associated with the body, and about how these have developed and changed in a world characterized by a fast-paced flow of ideas, products, and people.

Topics may include (but are certainly not limited to):
• Tattooing
• henna
• body piercing, body carving
• body hair removal
• cosmetic surgery (including “ethnic surgery”)
• hair straightening
• skin lightening/ bleaching
• working out
• the global beauty industry and the marketing of “Western” ideals
• beauty pageants, “international standards” of beauty
• body-image disorders

Since the volume is focused on the globalized and globalizing nature of body practices and ideals, proposed works should consider how these practices and ideals have travelled from their place of origin to where they are practiced now; and how specific practices and ideals regarding the body are changing, or resisting change, in a particular society through the process and rhetoric of globalization and/or nationalism. The volume will comprise two kinds of essays: original scholarly essays (between 6,000-9,000 words), and shorter original personal reflection pieces (under 2,500 words). Once a proposal has been conditionally accepted, a first draft of the entire chapter will need to be submitted by July 15, 2012.

To submit a proposal for a scholarly or personal reflection essay, or for further information, please contact the editor: Afshan Jafar, Ph.D. Department of Sociology Connecticut College ajafar@conncoll.edu

Contact Email: ajafar@conncoll.edu