Event Mar 21

Abstract Sep 15

Urban Identities (NEMLA 2013)

Event: 03/21/2013 - 03/24/2013
Abstract: 09/15/2012
Categories: American, 20th & 21st Century, African-American, Comparative, Interdisciplinary, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Popular Culture, Literary Theory, Women's Studies, World Literatures, Canadian Literature
Location: Boston, MA
Organization: NEMLA

This panel proposes to examine the various ways in which marginalized subjects appropriate and / or adapt to the spatial practices of exclusion and marginalization in contemporary neo-liberal societies. The panel will question the identity claims and spatialized performances of marginalized subjects in the urban context, particularly in terms of class, race, and gender. Please send 300-500 word abstracts in either English or French and brief biographical statements by 15 September 2012 to Domenico.Beneventi@usherbrooke.ca

Contact Email: domenico.beneventi@usherbrooke.ca