Event Dec 01

Abstract Aug 22


Event: 12/01/2012 - 12/02/2012
Abstract: 08/22/2012
Location: Jakarta
Organization: University of Indonesia and IEEE Indonesi Section

ICACSIS 2012 provides an international forum that brings together those actively involved in the field of Computer Science and Information Systems to report on up-to-the-minute innovations and developments to summarize the state-of-the-art, and to exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems engineering, human machine interface, and emerging applications.

Topics of Interest:
Biomedical Application
Biometrical Application
Computer Network and Architecture
Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
Cultural Heritage Application
Data Mining
Distance Learning
Distribute Intelligent System
Enterprise Architecture Design & Management
Expert & Knowledge-Based System
Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis
Formal Methods
Fuzzy Logic
Genetic Algorithms
Geographics Information System
Gesture Recognition
High Performance Computing
Human-Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Industrial Application
Information Assurance & Intelligent
Information Extraction
Information Retrieval & Risk Management
Infrastructure Systems and Services
Intelligent Auto Surgery
Intelligent Devices
Intelligent Home Environment
IS/IT Operation Management
IS/IT Organization & Human Resource Manegement
IS/IT Strategic Planning
IT Governance
IT Investment Analysis
IT Project Management
Modeling, System, & Control
Multitemporal Data Change Detection
Multimedia Apllication
Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Pattern Recognition
Robotic Systems
Smart Sensor Networks
Remote Sensing
Spatial Data Mining
Spatial Temporal Analysis
Speech Processing

Important Dates:
August 22, 2012 : Deadline for submission of papers
November 1, 2012 : Notification of acceptance

ICACSIS 2012 was included in IEEE Conference search (record:21257)
The proceeding of ICACSIS 2011 was included in IEEE Xplore
The proceeding of ICACSIS 2011 was indexed in Scopus

Contact Email: wisnuj@cs.ui.c.id

Website: http://icacsis.cs.ui.ac.id