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Poverty and the Great Recession (Publication)

Event: 09/01/2012 - 11/30/2012
Abstract: 09/01/2012
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Anthropology/Sociology
Location: Publication
Organization: ABC-Clio (Publisher)

Call for contributors for a two-volume book about the impact of the recession on poverty in the United States. Contributors will receive a byline, electronic access to the final work, and modest monetary compensation (or a copy of the two-volume series if they prefer).

Essays on the following topics as they relate to the Great Recession and poverty in the United States are available to be assigned to writers with a September 1, 2012, deadline:

Age 36-65 (3000 words)
Senior Citizens (3000 words)
Businesses (3500 words)
Financial Security (3500 words)
Social Security--Retirement, Disability, Supplemental, Medicare (3500 words)
Risk of double dip recession (2500 words)
Structural economic changes (3500 words)
Healthcare Assistance (3000 words)
Asian Americans (3000 words)
African American or Black (3000 words)

Please email lindsey.k.hanson@gmail.com with your resume and area of interest for more information.

Contact Email: lindsey.k.hanson@gmail.com