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Lights: The MESSA Journal

Event: 04/19/2013
Abstract: 04/19/2013
Categories: Comparative, Gender & Sexuality, Genre & Form, Adventure & Travel Writing, Interdisciplinary, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy, Popular Culture, Lingustics, Women's Studies, World Literatures, Middle East, Postcolonial
Location: Publication
Organization: Middle Eastern Studies Student Association at the University of Chicago

The Middle Eastern Studies Students Association at the University of Chicago would like to extend this opportunity to Master's students from all departments to submit pieces for its journal, Lights. The journal is currently taking submissions for the Spring quarter. The upcoming deadline is Friday, April 19, 2013.

We accept pieces on a range of topics related to Middle Eastern studies. We encourage papers that explore the political, linguistic, and cultural significance of the Middle East that transcend limitations across formal/generic cultural, ideological boundaries, and/or within varying aesthetic approaches. Book reviews, critical, analytic, creative fiction, creative nonfiction, photographic, artistic, narrative, and poetic pieces related to Middle Eastern studies are welcome.

Please send submissions electronically to: uchicagomessalights@gmail.com

Contact Email: uchicagomessalights@gmail.com