Event Mar 07

Abstract Jan 18

Off Side: Edgy Women Colloquium Art/Sports/Gender

Event: 03/07/2013
Abstract: 01/18/2013
Categories: Gender & Sexuality, Graduate Conference, Women's Studies
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organization: Edgy Women Festival, Studio 303

For 20 years, Montreal’s annual EDGY WOMEN Festival has presented politicized, experimental and playful performance pieces, as well as workshops and lectures addressing evolving issues around gender and/or feminism. This year's festival will include an inaugural Edgy Colloquium, focusing on the theme


The colloquium aims to facilitate discussion of these themes through both academic and non-academic presentations in an unconventional setting: it will take place Thursday, March 7, 2013 in the ring at the Blue Cat Boxing Club in Montreal. Colloquium submissions might include performance pieces, artists’ talks, lived experience reflections, and research presentations; proposals for facilitated discussions are also welcome. Presentations may take place in either French or English and will generally be allotted a 20 minute presentation time, although proposals for longer pieces will also be considered.

Themes and topics to consider might include:
- Sports, aggression/competition,
- Sports and gender
- Gendered media coverage of sports
- Sports and sexuality
- Sports/fitness as recreation and profession
- Sports as art/performance
- Sports as metaphor of the Art World

To propose a presentation, please email the following materials to edgycolloque2013@gmail.com: a 500 word description of the presentation, a brief (max. 200 word) biography of the presenter, and any special requests regarding length of presentation or required audiovisual support. The deadline for proposals is January 18, 2013.

Contact Email: edgycolloque2013@gmail.com

Website: http://www.edgywomen.ca