Welcome to CFPList.com! Our hope is that CFPlist.com will facilitate new scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences by organizing and highlighting conference opportunities to share academic work, receive scholarly feedback, and network professionally. CFPList.com is developed and maintained by Derick Ariyam and Michael Becker.

Derick K. Ariyam holds degrees in both Computer Science and English. Derick currently serves as lead developer at the Department of Education in Rhode Island. He has an extensive background working as a .NET programmer. His interests lie in the areas of automation, web application development, and streamlining business process flow. He along with his colleague, Michael Becker, are partners in the start-up academic software company, Ballast LLC. Ballast provides data and software solutions for universities and academic organizations.

Michael D. Becker, PhD earned his M.A. from the University of Sussex (Brighton, England) in 2004, his B.A. from the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO) in 2001, and his PhD from the University of Rhode Island in 2015. His primary field is British Modernism and his current intellectual interests include aesthetics, the relationship of form and history, and literary engagements with food. He has a wide range of teaching experience, having taught literature and composition classes at URI since the fall of 2007. Before URI Michael D. Becker was an adjunct instructor, teaching composition and literature in both online and traditional classrooms. For the last two years, he has volunteered his time for the URI Graduate Student Conference, serving as co-chair in 2011. He has presented scholarly papers at local and regional conferences.