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Event Oct 30

Abstract Aug 04

2017 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society

Event: 10/30/2017
Abstract Due: 08/04/2017
Location: Dallas, TX, USA | Organization: ACM


2017 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
(WPES 2017)
Dallas, Texas, USA - October 30, 2017

The need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has
been widely recognized. This workshop discusses the problems of
privacy in the global interconnected... Read More →
url https://cs.pitt.edu/wpes2017

Event Jan 01

Abstract Jan 01

The Comics of Seth

Event: 01/01/2018
Abstract Due: 01/01/2018
Categories: American, 20th & 21st Century, Genre & Form, Comics & Graphic Novels, Narratology, Interdisciplinary, Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture
Location: Canada | Organization: Dominick Grace

Seth, born Gregory Gallant, is one of the seminal alternative cartoonists. His comic Palookaville, which began in 1991, continues today; issue 23 (summer 2017) will complete the serialization of Clyde Fans, twenty years in the making and arguably Seth’s magnum opus. He has produced the seminal It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken (1996; originally serialized in Palookaville), Wimbledon Green (2005), George Sprott (1894-1975) (2009; originally serialized in the N... Read More →

Event Oct 23

Abstract Jul 15

5th International Conference on Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

Event: 10/23/2017 - 10/24/2017
Abstract Due: 07/15/2017
Location: Holiday Inn Orlando Airport 5750 T.G. Lee Blvd., Orlando Florida, 32822, USA | Organization: Conferenceseries LLC

Exploring Emerging Markets in Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

Conference Series has been instrumental in conducting international Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy meetings for four years, and very excited to expand in American States. Previous meetings were held in major cities like San Antonio, San Francisco, Atlanta and Las Vegas with success the meetings again scheduled in other state. 5th Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy Congress to be held during October 23 -24, 2017 at Orlando, USA.<... Read More →
url http://clinicalpharmacy.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/

Event Nov 23

Abstract Aug 15

The 5th International Conference on Technical Education

Event: 11/23/2017
Abstract Due: 08/15/2017
Categories: Pedagogy
Location: Bangkok, Thailand | Organization: King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

Scope and Topics :
The conference will focus on fields of vocational and technical education, which scopes and topics are as follows may not be limited to these.

• TRACK : Engineering and Technical Education
o Mechanical Engineering and Education
o Electrical Engineering and Education
o Civil Engineering and Education

• TRACK : Information and Computer Technology
o Competency Based Learning
o Digital Media Design: e-Learning, m-L... Read More →
url http://icteched.org/committee.htm

Event Sep 04

Abstract May 28

The 1st EAI International Conference on Wireless Networks, Applied Medical Sensor Networks and Computational Science

Event: 09/04/2017 - 09/05/2017
Abstract Due: 05/28/2017
Location: Hosur. India | Organization: European Alliance for Innovation

The main theme of the conference will be all forms of Mobile Networks and cover performance analysis, simulation, protocol and algorithm design with special focus on Medical Sensor Networks which will be accorded a separate track. The scope of CFP will cover cellular, ad hoc, delay-tolerant, mesh, sensor networks as well as any combination of these.Special focus and emphasis will be given on energy savings in mobile networks, optimization theory, cyber physical systems, mobile cloud computing... Read More →
url http://wamcos.org/2017/show/home

Event Oct 18

Abstract Jul 18

L'homme et la nature. Politique, Critique et Esthétique dans le romantisme allemand

Event: 10/18/2017 - 10/20/2017
Abstract Due: 07/18/2017
Location: Poitiers (France) | Organization: Laboratoire "Métaphysique allemande et philosophie pratique" (MAPP, EA 2626)





Ce colloque a pour objectif l’étude d’un courant de pensée aussi vaste que prolifique en Europe : le romantisme. On se concentrera sur le romantisme allemand, dans la mesure où la philosophie joue un rôle... Read More →

Event Oct 14

Abstract Aug 31

Kanazawa Seiryo University International Day Conference

Event: 10/14/2017
Abstract Due: 08/31/2017
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Cultural Studies, Lingustics, Pedagogy
Location: Kanazawa, Japan | Organization: Kanazawa Seiryo University

Kanazawa Seiryo University is proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary with an academic conference, inviting teachers, researchers and prospective students to attend and participate in this one-day conference. The conference will feature both oral and poster presentations, and a keynote by Distinguished Professor Kensaku Yoshida of Sophia University.

Teachers and researchers are welcome to submit presentations and abstracts in any of the following areas:
Language Education (topics... Read More →
url http://seiryo.weebly.com

Event Nov 01

Abstract Jun 02

The 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Information Systems, and Electrical Engineering

Event: 11/01/2017 - 11/03/2017
Abstract Due: 06/02/2017
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia | Organization: Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta, STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto, Universitas Gadjah Mada

2nd ICITISEE 2017

Dear Colleagues,

It is again our great pleasure to announce the 2017 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Information Systems, and Electrical Engineering (ICITISEE2017) - IEEE Conference No. #41709 to be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 1st-3rd November 2017. ICITISEE 2017 will be organized by Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta and co-organized by IEEE AMIKOM Student Branch, STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto, and Universitas Gad... Read More →
url http://icitsee.org

Event Oct 02

Abstract Oct 02

Breaking out of the Box: Critical Essays on the Cult TV Show Supernatural

Event: 10/02/2017
Abstract Due: 10/02/2017
Categories: American, 20th & 21st Century, Digital Humanities, Genre & Form, Drama, Narratology, Interdisciplinary, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Popular Culture
Location: Canada | Organization: Dominick Grace and Lisa Macklem

Lisa Macklem and Dominick Grace seek proposals for a refereed collection of essays on the CW cult horror show Supernatural.

“What’s in the box?” Dean Winchester asks in “The Magnificent Seven,” episode one of the third season of Supernatural, to the befuddlement of his brother Sam and their avuncular mentor Bobby Singer, but to the delight of fans who revel in the show’s wry meta elements. Dean is of course quoting Detective ... Read More →

Event Sep 11

Abstract May 29

International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Event: 09/11/2017 - 09/12/2017
Abstract Due: 05/29/2017
Location: Craiova, Romania | Organization: University of Craiova

ROCHI, the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction is the premier scientific forum on research and development of user interfaces and human-computer interaction in Romania.

Practitioners from corporate environments (e.g., designers, developers, graphics expert, user interface analysts, team leader) as well as people from academia (e.g., professors, students, and researchers ) and any other person interested by human-computer interactions are gladly invited to contribute... Read More →
url http://rochi2017.utcluj.ro/

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