Lacan and Literature I (Panel)

Comparative Literature / British

Josephine McQuail (Tennessee Technological University)

Richard Schumaker (City University of New York)

Jacques Lacan refined and elaborated on the ideas of Freud; Freud liked to say he discovered the unconscious and Lacan discovered that the unconscious is structured like a language. Like Freud, Lacan found his own psychoanalytic thinking stimulated by reading literature. His seminar on "The Purloined Letter" by Poe is one lecture that comes to mind, but Lacan's later years were consumed by his exploration into the works of James Joyce. Papers are invited on any aspect of Lacan and Literature.
Papers are invited for a panel on Lacan and Literature. Papers may be on specific literary figures like Poe and Joyce who Lacan explored, or consist of an in-depth analysis of Lacan's own writings and style. Lacanian analysis of works by authors not specifically examined by Lacan are also welcome.