Hollywood F. Scott Fitzgerald


American / Cultural Studies and Media Studies

Derek McGrath (SUNY University at Buffalo)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s time in California remains under-researched. The MLA International Bibliography shows 50 scholarly works on The Last Tycoon, out of more than 2,300 scholarly works in that bibliography for just Fitzgerald. As NeMLA will host Stewart O’Nan as its opening speaker, his presence is an opportunity to discuss further Fitzgerald’s literature and to fill gaps in the scholarship around his works. Contributors may be drawn from studies of literature and film, allowing this session to have cross-media appeal and addressing how Fitzgerald has been adapted for film. This session can focus not only on Fitzgerald’s time and writings from California but also how these later works recontextualize his earlier works, drawing new insights and reinvigorating these older texts.

This session also provides the new initiative “NeMLA Reads a Book” with potential contributors: those graduate students, CAITY, and early career faculty who submit abstracts to this session can be encouraged to apply to interview O’Nan at the Opening Address, and all who submit abstracts can be encouraged to submit questions.

In recognition of Stewart O’Nan’s novel West of Sunset, the subject of the convention’s opening address and the “NeMLA Reads a Book” initiative, this session will explore Fitzgerald’s years in Hollywood, as a writer and as his works have been adapted. Submissions may consider works Fitzgerald wrote in California, including Tender Is the Night, The Love of the Last Tycoon, “The Pat Hobby Stories,” and his screenwriting for United Artists, MGM, and freelance, as well as his estrangement with Zelda, his alcoholism, and his death. Submissions that consider adaptations of Fitzgerald’s works for film are also welcome.