New Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald


American / Pedagogy & Professional

Derek McGrath (SUNY University at Buffalo)

As pedagogical roundtables inspire passionate, stimulating discussions between presenters and audience members, this session can help interested NeMLA members learn strategies for keeping Fitzgerald’s works relevant in courses. As NeMLA will host Stewart O’Nan as its opening speaker, and his book on Fitzgerald, West of Sunset, his presence is an opportunity to discuss further Fitzgerald’s literature and to fill gaps in the scholarship around his works. This session also provides the new initiative “NeMLA Reads a Book” with potential contributors: those graduate students, CAITY, and early career faculty who submit abstracts to this session can be encouraged to apply to interview O’Nan at the Opening Address, and all who submit abstracts can be encouraged to submit questions.

As the 2018 meeting of NeMLA opens with an interview with Stewart O'Nan, and a discussion with him about his book on F. Scott Fitzgerald, West of Sunset, this pedagogical roundtable welcomes proposals that offer innovations for teaching Fitzgerald's many works. How does his literature speak to the Jazz Age and major moments in United States and global history? How can works such as The Great Gatsby clarify studies of ecology, urban environments, photography, and other topics? Proposals that consider the author’s lesser researched works are encouraged.