Fluid Identities in the Globalizing World (Feministas Unidas Session) (Part 1) (Panel)

Spanish/Portuguese / Women's and Gender Studies

Olga Bezhanova (Southern Illinois University)

Feministas Unidas invites you to join our panel on fluid and hybrid identities and their impact on feminist thought, as well as on art created by female and feminist artists in the Hispanic world. We will talk about the ways in which globalization is shaping our understanding of hybridity and its relationship to feminism.

We invite you to submit proposals for talks that will address the shaping of identities as a consequence of the globalization. We are interested in talks that address the changing nature of discourses of identity in works of art by and about women from Spanish-speaking countries and Hispanic communities around the world.

This is a panel organized by Feministas Unidas, a coalition of feminist scholars in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, and US Hispanic and Latino Studies. The session will approach the theme of the 2020 NeMLA, "Shaping and Sharing Identities: Spaces, Places, Languages, and Cultures," from a feminist viewpoint and will discuss the ways in which it applies to feminist or female artists in the Spanish-speaking world.