Teaching Contemporary Literature from the Middle East (Part 1) (Panel)

World Literatures (non-European Languages) / Pedagogy & Professional

Sally Gomaa (Salve Regina University)

Teaching literature from the Middle East appeals to a wide range of educators in a variety of disciplines, including world literature, cultural studies, and global studies. While teaching any world literature is challenging in its own right, teaching literature from the Middle East has its own complications. To begin with, the rapid developments in the region’s political and cultural scene may make teaching this literature intimidating to both teachers and students. In addition, what may appear current usually has historical roots dating back to the rise of nation states. Also, students often approach this literature with misconceptions and stereotypes. Therefore, this CFP is intentionally broad in its call for papers that acknowledge the complexity of reading in translation, the usefulness of borrowing techniques from other disciplines, and the potential of technology to invigorate the classroom. The focus on the contemporary highlights the vitality of this region to educators who wish to globalize their course content.

This panel invites papers on identifying strategies and developing practices to engage students with literature from the Middle East. Topics may include teaching texts in translation, applying interdisciplinary approaches, and utilizing technology.